David Stevens
David Stevens

David Stevens

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David Stevens has over 20 years of experience in operational management, managing projects, developing IT and communications infrastructure and undertaking operational business restructuring and change.

David is well known for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to ensure all components of a project are achieved cost efficiently and on time, regardless of the size or nature of the project. David's management of all parties involved is exceptional, regardless of their perceived insignificance. David and his team always fully equip, brief and train all involved to complete tasks in accordance with the overall objectives, timelines and importantly, one another. Nothing is left to chance and the results achieved from David's management speak loudly for his abilities.

The characteristics and skills of David are well represented in his management of a law office relocation project that involved 300 staff from 2 locations moving into one new office over a weekend. Legal staff continued working until 4.30pm on the Friday and were able to re-commence work seamlessly at 8am on the Monday from the new location with no impact on normal business operations.

Cost control is a particular focus. Typically businesses managed by David run well below the industry average in expenditure with service levels and response times significantly better than industry average.

Because of his unique abilities, David has lectured for the New Zealand Institute of Management, delivered key note speeches at industry conferences and been an expert panel member for a top Australian telecommunications carrier.