Project Management

Marketing initiatives, building construction, stock taking, re-tooling, projects run by our consultants are historically completed on time and on, or under, budget.

A project is a set of non-routine tasks performed in a certain sequence leading to a goal. Defining and Planning are necessary so you know what will be done. Scheduling is important so you know when you will do it and Controlling is vital.

To avoid costly problems and delays our consultants use their years of experience to assist you with the planning and implementation of your project. Our project Managers virtually always recover their costs in project savings. Let us help you with your next project whether it be a stock take, relocation, new building, product launch or any task that has a deadline or a budget.

Key factors for project management success include:

  • Accurate Scoping
  • Control Systems
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning
  • Attention to Detail
  • Gaining input and keeping people informed
   Project Chart


Below are examples of projects that we have undertaken for clients:


Construction / Fitout

Building construction and fitout of projects with multi-million dollar budgets. We can manage not only the construction and fitout but also the business relocation, marketing launch, and associated projects. For example; a client had both a manufacturing and retail division and the project involved transporting heavy machinery, merchandising, and a marketing launch. Staff were involved at every stage including brainstorming to achieve efficiencies, improve layout and workflow, minimize downtime during the shift, identify potential risks and develop contingency plans. From planning, gaining board of directors approval, gaining building and resource consents, tendering, construction, moving and finally the opening function the project lasted 12 months and was completed on time and under budget.


Project Management Control System

Design and implementation of a project control system for a client with a turnover exceeding $50 million and up to 100 projects running concurrently.


Project Systems


Set Up New Branch

Design and implement the expansion of a single location company to establish branch offices. Included design of systems and procedures, on-line computer systems, etc.


Internet Web Sites

Various projects involving:

  • Feasibility
  • Content
  • Graphic design
  • Implementation
  • Marketing
  • Success measurement

... of client web sites.


Relocate Head Office

An eleven month project involving:

  • Scoping
  • Costing
  • Board approval
  • Restructuring
  • Selection and recruitment of staff
  • Relocation of head office

... for an organisation with over 3,000 people in the field.


Stock Liquidation

Controlled liquidation of electronic goods with a cost of $330,000 in 2 branches. Managed sales promotion over three months realized the full $330,000. Over half of the stock was over six months old and the board of directors were extremely pleased with the result. Both stores were closed on the last day of the project. All of the staff were assisted to find new jobs successfully.

New Electricity Service

Developing the project plan for a new electricity service across three provinces. Staff, suppliers, intermediaries and prospective customers were interviewed to determine feasibility and develop a project plan with budget that was then implemented by the clients operations and marketing departments.

Electricity project

Marketing Projects

A large number of projects including: twelve months of retail promotions, assisting vehicle franchisees to achieve sales quotas of new vehicles, product launches, branch openings, mergers, full marketing plan development and implementation for small businesses to large corporates.


Technology Projects

Scoping, negotiating, purchasing, installing, training and troubleshooting various hardware and software projects. Systems analysis and development of custom applications and web systems. From small systems to integrated financial solutions running businesses of $60 million +.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Various mergers and acquisitions. Challenges include: redundancy, assisting staff to find other jobs, counseling, assisting with CV's, interview training, maximizing efficiencies, merging / replacing systems and procedures, integrating computer systems, public relations opportunities, marketing launch, staff training in both personal development and performance management.


The above are examples of some of the projects successfully managed by our consultants in the past. To discuss your project management requirements please contact us today.