Information Technology

Use of Information Technology (IT)  to increase productivity, improve efficiency and communication toward an improved decision making process.

Experience includes:

  • Implementing new technology¬† and maximising investment through staff training and development.
  • Reducing communication costs (data and voice).
  • Implementing Frame Relay and Virtual Private Networks to increase bandwidth, reduce cost and risk (including single points of failure).
  • Implementing customer relationship management, accounting and practice management systems (including automated disbursement recovery).
  • Remote access.
  • Delivering client reporting and knowledge via an Extranet.
  • Disaster recovery planning.
  • Security issues when sending firm or client data over the Internet.
  • Virus concerns and solutions.
  • Finding you haven't purchased enough licenses to use that software.
  • E-commerce / Internet / Intranet.
  • Drafting policies on personal use of work equipment including e-mail and web browsing.
  • Purchasing policies and advice including IT inventories of software and hardware and maximising purchasing efficiencies via the Internet.

We have assisted clients to overcome all of the above by developing practical and useable policies while ensuring training is carried out to maximise the technology investment. We believe the only reason to invest in technology is to provide a competitive advantage to the organization.

When implementing the above we believe it is essential that accurate planning of expenditure with information and control systems clearly defined will ensure success in upgrading technology.

We use past proven experience in advising clients to resolve these issues quickly and cost effectively. Our consultants on occasion fulfil the role of Information Technology Manager for a single branch or for the national organization.