Operational Needs Analysis

Stage One - Interviews

G.R. Dixon & Associates consultants would interview your staff, management, key clients, and review existing information systems in order to:

1. Identify areas where productivity can be increased by enhancing:

  • Quality Improvements
  • Marketing
  • Systems and Procedures
  • Skills Training
  • Personal Development Training

2. Identify opportunities to increase Profitability by improving:

  • Business Planning
  • Company Structure
  • Staff Productivity and Morale
  • Stock Control
  • Management Information

Stage Two - Presentation

The Operational Needs Analysis recommendations are presented to you, the client. The choice of which recommendations are implemented is yours.

Stage Three - Action

G.R. Dixon & Associates will use their years of experience, industry knowledge, marketing and business skills to implement your decisions in a non-disruptive and cost effective manner so that your business can begin to enjoy the benefits of these changes as soon as possible.


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